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The proprietor of  PAPARAZZI KELOWNA  Photos, Imaging and Postage Stamp designs is K. PETER LEPOLD.

He has been taking award winning images for a number of years. His images have appeared in books, annual reports, websites, magazines, on TV etc. In 2008 he won the first prize in the Province's "150 Years BC" photo competition. He has varied interests which include landscapes, nature, group and animal pictures. One of his favorite topics is to take pictures of HOT AIR BALLOONS.

In addition he has applied his talents to enhance images and create picture videos using various computer based programs.

Further, he has used his pictures and other images and designed over 140 postage stamps which were printed by CANADA POST. Themes were anniversaries of municipalities in BC, historical buildings, tourist attractions, wedding and other commemorative occasions.   See our link. Should you wish to commemorate a special occasion on a postage stamp, please email or call.

Our website is changing as we add new links to display recent  stamp designs. We hope to see you again soon.

K. Peter Lepold

mailto:lepold278@gmail.com   - Tel 250-765-3502

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ALL IMAGES on this website are - ©  - paparazzikelowna and/or K. PETER LEPOLD

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