Following are some great links - check them out:


  -   P A P A R A Z Z I    K E L O W N A's   POSTAGE  STAMP  DESIGNS - this is our other website hosted by PICASA  totally devoted to our  STAMP designs ( & First Day Covers, FD Cards, souvenir folders etc.) of the last 10 years.

 Paparazzi Kelowna STAMP site


 - The P I C T U R E   P O S T A G E  website is run by Murray Munsie in SK. He shares  one of my hobbies. Designing and trading Canadian Personal Picture Postage stamps (PPP). AND on top of that he does a great job creating a CATALOG of them on this website. Stamp collectors know that the UNITRADE catalog only lists a tiny amount of the PPP's. He is cataloging the rest. Great job Murray!


 -_ A L I C E   P A L L E T T - is an acclaimed Kelowna artist. She is a painter and of late has worked with felt creating various felt art paintings and objects. Cool Stuff! I have taken some pictures for Alice.



- B L A C K   S W A N   W O O D  W O R K I N G - is owned by Terry Swan. Terry creates wonderful things out of wood, such as entire kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom dressers, walk in closets etc. His website gives you an idea of his creativity. A large number of the pictures on his website were taken by paparazzikelowna's camera.


- O K A N A G A N   B A L L O O N I N G -  Is a Kelowna company which specializes in Hot Air Balloon flights in the Okanagan Valley. John and his pilots have flown for over 15 years. One of my favorite topics to take pictures of are Hot Airs. I've been doing it for years. I have literally thousands of pictures taken in and around Kelowna and during the Winter Carnival in Vernon. Several picture on this website were taken with one of  paparazzikelowna's cameras. As well some of these pictures have appeared on: GLOBAL Vancouver TV station, were used to create Vernon Winter Carnival stamps and have appeared in the  YLW Connection Magazine (Kelowna's Airport Magazine)  to name a couple- Flip  to the BREATH TAKING  last page of the WINTER  2010 issue.



 The  K E L O W N A   L I G H T R O O M  Camera Club - is one of two photography clubs in Kelowna . I was one of it's founding members. It caters to photographers who have some experience taking pictures, discusses various techniques and in the past has held training sessions for PC based photo enhancing programs such as Photoshop etc. and takes field trips.  This website displays  some great shots of our members.  If you are looking to join a club in Kelowna - check us out!


The Central Okanagan Photographic Society (COPS) is the other photography club in Kelowna. I'm a member of it as well. It meets weekly for most of the year and offers various training sessions and members can also submit their pictures for an evaluation.


RSS - 50th Class Reunion Pictures

There are THREE different Photo Albums  - all can be accessed by either clicking on the Link OR  pressing the BLUE "RSS Picture Album" button below:

 CONTENTS: ALBUM 1: MEMORIES & INDIVIDUAL Pictures - ALBUM 2: "Paparazzi Shots" of the Day - ALBUM 3: Group Pictures & more "Paparazzi Shots"  

P I C T U R E   V I D E O 's

From time to time I create Picture Video's (PROSHOWs) of pictures I have taken.  The following link goes to the Proshow library and shows pictures of in Memory of Monica - a member of the Kelowna Lightroom who passed away in 2012.

If you haven't watched a proshow video before it will ask you to download a small (completely save) plug before you can view it

MONICA - Memorial Video  - by PaparazziKelowna


THE RENDEVOUS -Video by paparazzikelowna

Every year there is a meet called "The Rendevous" where people gather in garb of the 1800's and using rifles, guns and cannons from that time period - and have a great time. This one was in Hefley Creek BC (near Kamloops. Check it out.


PaparazziKelowna MODEL - Videos

Sometimes  I participate in  Model Shoots.

The next links are picture videos of photo sessions of models from the Valley.  Make sure you watch it in FULL SCREEN mode - bottom right button. Enjoy.


Tara Ferguson - Okanagan Model


Stephanie Frank - Okanagan Model




Paparazzikelowna Pictures